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Large Retro Style Mirror Lens Aviator Tortoise Midnight 9830ZU Ray Ban RB 3528 006/71 Matte Black / Green Sunglasses Ray Ban RB 3528 012/73 Matte Dark Brown / Dark Brown Sunglasses
Ray Ban RB 3528 029/88 Matte Gunmetal / Grey Mirror Silver Gradient Sunglasses Ray Ban RB 3528 029/9A Matte Gunmetal / Dark Green Polarized Sunglasses Ray Ban RB 3534 002 Black / Green Sunglasses
Ray Ban RB 3534 004 Gunmetal / Green Sunglasses Ray Ban RB 3534 004/58 Gunmetal / Green Polarized Sunglasses Ray Ban RB 3534 012 Matte Brown / Brown Sunglasses
Ray Ban RB 3534 029/40 Matte Gunmetal / Green Mirror Silver Sunglasses Ray Ban RB3447 001 Classic Iconic Sunglasses Ray Ban RB3447 019/30 Classic Iconic Sunglasses Matte Silver
Ray Ban RB3447 029/93 Classic Iconic Sunglasses Brown Mirror Gold Ray Ban RB3447 112/4D Matte Gold Blue Mirror Polarized Sunglasses Ray Ban RB3447 112/Z2 Classic Iconic Sunglasses Pink Mirror
Ray Ban RB4214 601S9A Matte Black Polarized Sunglasses Ray-Ban Round Folding Classic Gold RB 3517 001/30 Silver Mirror Lens
Ray Ban RB4214 601S9A Matte Black Polarized Sunglasses 59mm
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Kicking Back with Ray Ban Leisure Sport
Let's face it: while there are always going to be some men who really get into style statements, love great clothes, and take a great deal of care with their appearance, there are plenty of guys who just want a functional pair of sunglasses that look reasonably good and don't cost an arm and a leg. The solution? Ray Ban Leisure Sport sunglasses. These sunglasses are almost universally flattering, and they are great for sports as well as everyday wear. Some of the wraparound styles are popular with bikers and cyclists too because of the great vision and great fit. In fact, sporty wraparounds are a good choice for guys who play any sort of outdoor sport.

The Ray Ban Leisure Sport collection consists of basic styles that are rectangular to greater and lesser extents, and that are designed to look great on a variety of faces. They're large enough for the average man's face without being overwhelming. Even guys with angular faces look good in these designs because of the softened corners of the lenses.

The frameless styles, like the 3344 (which are available in several lens colors) are slightly more formal than the plastic frames, which give a sportier look. And when it comes to quality for the price, Ray Bans simply can't be beat. They provide 100% protection against ultraviolet rays, they're lightweight, fit perfectly, and the optical quality of the lenses is second to none. A good pair of Ray Bans will serve a guy for many, many years.

A couple of the styles in the Ray Ban Leisure Sport collection, particularly the 3403, are actually rather fashion-forward, but never in an overbearing or attention-grabbing way. They're perfect for the man who wants to look good, but isn't exactly ready for some of the more bold styles offered by designers like Versace, Diesel, and Dolce & Gabbana.

If you're a guy and don't know where to start, the 4108 is a good place. This is a style that is flattering on a lot of faces, and strikes a great balance between sporty and stylish. Any of the available color combos will go with any wardrobe, so you don't have to worry about your shades clashing with your clothing.

If you ride motorcycles or bicycles, the 4054 and the Predator are great looking wraparound styles where again, any color combo with work with ease. The 4092 is sporty, but not so sporty as to look out of place if you're walking to your office wearing a suit for work. They also have an almost universally-flattering shape, which is slightly larger than the 4108.

Designed for the man who demands performance first and foremost from his shades, the Ray Ban Leisure Sport sunglasses fit snugly enough that they won't fly off if you turn your head suddenly, and they also do not feel tight or give you a headache. And they look great, too. What more could you ask?