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Ray Ban RB 2180 616613 Turtledove Sunglasses Ray Ban RB 2180 710/73 Dark Havana Sunglasses Ray Ban Sunglasses RB 4187 856/13
Ray Ban RB 2180 601/71 Black Sunglasses Ray Ban Highstreet Polarized Sunglasses RB 4068 642-57 Ray Ban Cockpit Sunglasses RB 3362 001
Ray Ban Highstreet Gunmetal Sunglasses RB3514 147/71 Ray Ban Highstreet Gold Sunglasses RB3514 149/13 Ray Ban Highstreet Black Sunglasses RB3514 153/71
Ray Ban Highstreet Silver Sunglasses RB3514 154/6G Ray-Ban Sunglasses RB4147 601/58 Ray Ban Highstreet Polarized Sunglasses RB 4075 601/58
Ray-Ban Sunglasses RB4147 601/32 Ray Ban Cockpit Polarized Sunglasses RB 3362 004/58 Ray-Ban Sunglasses RB4147 710/51
Ray Ban Highstreet Sunglasses RB 4075 642/57 Ray-Ban Sunglasses RB4147 609585 Top Black On Brown Ray Ban RB4216 601S71 Matte Black Sunglasses
Ray Ban RB 3533 002/9A Black / Green Polarized Sunglasses Ray Ban RB 3536 029/9A Matte Gunmetal / Dark Green Polarized Sunglasses Ray Ban RB 3536 029/71 Matte Gunmetal / Gray Green Sunglasses
Ray Ban RB 3536 112/2Y Gold / Light Brown Mirror Pink Sunglasses Ray Ban Gunmetal Aviator Sunglasses RB 3386 63mm
Ray Ban Gunmetal Aviator Sunglasses RB 3386
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The Fashion-Forward Style of the Ray Ban HighStreet Wayfarer and Aviator
The Ray Ban HighStreet collection is a line of modified aviator sunglasses, plus some more fashion-forward styles, including styles with wire and plastic frames. Many of these styles have gradient lenses and modern looks. The Ray Ban HighStreets collection is a way for Ray Ban to reach out to those who love the top quality Ray Bans offers and who want more style options. The Ray Ban HighStreet RB 3301 and 4075 is a man's frame with plastic lenses and a slight wrap-around style. You can get it in four different frame and lens combinations. These are great glasses for everyday wear driving or playing sports because they are flattering and their classic lines go with just about anything today's man wears, from business suits to tee-shirts and shorts on the outdoor basketball court.

The RB3384 is a modern-day version of the Wayfarer, with similar lines, but different execution. This is a sporty, young look, perfect for vacation or outdoor sports. It comes in several different frame and lens combos, and most frames have contrasting side pieces.

And speaking of modern day classics, the Ray Ban High Streets RB3350 is a modern, slightly wrap-around version of the classic aviator shape. This style is perfect for the guy who is confident being exactly who he is. They're available in three frame / lens combos.

The High Street RB 3362 is similar to the classic Aviator but is a slightly softer shape. It's a unisex design that comes in a huge selection of frame / lens match-ups.

The Ray Ban HighStreet Aviators are modern aviators where the lenses are actually all of a piece, meeting across the nose-piece. This is a sleeker, more sporty Aviator than Ray Ban's traditional Aviator. And they come in pretty much any frame and lens color combination you could think of. These are great for playing sports and driving because of their superior optics and the shape that is optimal for keeping sun out of your eyes.

Ray Ban is of course most famous for the Aviators and the Wayfarers, but the High Streets line is a modern take on classic Ray Ban styles. Ray Bans of all designs are a staple in the wardrobes of top actors, singers, models, and otherwise famous people. It's probably easier to find pictures of celebrities wearing Ray Bans than any other brand. Seriously, Rihanna has several pairs in her extensive wardrobe of sunglasses, as do Vanessa Hudgens and Lindsay Lohan. The same's true with the men. You don't have to search hard to find pictures of Ray Bans on the faces of top male celebrities like Brad Pitt, Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron and Joe Jonas. Ray Ban has something for everyone, so be sure and check them out.