Ray-Ban Size Chart | Ray-Ban Size Guide
How To Measure and Choose The Right Ray-Ban Sunglasses by Lens Size

Ray-Ban is one of the few companies of sunglasses that make certain styles in different lens sizes, therefore, its important to choose the right lens size to get the best fit possible from the Ray-Bans you choose. However, not all Ray-Ban sunglasses come in different sizes but they all do have sizes.

Ray-Ban measures its sizes by the lens width.  The size of the frame matters as well but you can judge it best by lens size.

40-46mm: XS (X-Small Junior Sizes.)

47-48mm: Adult Small

49-53mm: Adult Small to Medium Range

54mm-61mm: Adult Large

62mm+: Adult X-Large

From RAY-BAN: The front measurement includes the diameter of the lens and the width of the bridge measured in millimetres and usually separated by a small dash or rectangle (e.g.: 50 - 22). The lens diameter is the width of the lens, measured from the bridge, and the width of the bridge is the distance between the lenses above the nose. Sometimes, the vertical measurement of the lens and the length of the arms are also present.

To determine the correct size of your Ray-Ban sunglasses, you need the width of the bridge, which determines how the glasses rest on your nose. But the diameter of the lens is an option of choice and is an indication of how the glasses will appear on your face.

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