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Vogue Sunglasses for Men and Women
Guys, unless you're buying for a female that is dear to you, you may want to sit this one out. Vogue magazine is a brand that epitomizes the "by women, for women" aesthetic. Sure, contributing editor Andre Leon Talley may be a 6-foot-7 African American man from North Carolina, but Anna Wintour considers him one of the ladies and that's good enough for me.

(Speaking of Anna Wintour, if you want to understand Vogue, watch the movie The September Issue, a documentary about putting together the biggest issue of the magazine ever. It's on Netflix.)

Vogue sunglasses are exactly what you'd expect from an institution like Vogue. Anna Wintour in action is nothing if not decisive. I don't know if she personally had anything to do with the vetting of the styles, but it looks like she did: they are all sleek, glamorous, and done in gorgeously fashionable colors you just won't find elsewhere.

See, the thing about Vogue sunglasses is that they look like they are up-to-the-very-minute in style - but they'll look that way again next year! The only change I can envision for these styles is their amassing even more cachet as they painlessly make the transition to "vintage" several years from now, in which case you'll only be promoted up the fashion totem pole. It's a no-lose situation.

Consider the VO2560S 164411. The frame is striped red and the lenses are gray gradient. They're a fairly simple rectangular frame with substantial side pieces. These have "trademark signature style" written all over them. As in, "Laura looks so gorgeous in those sunglasses. I'd love a pair just like them, but it would be like I was playing copycat. But it's really no problem, because Vogue offers so many fabulous styles.

Such as the VO2588S W44/11. These have larger, curved rectangular frame with the slightest hint of a "butterfly" shape (wider at the outer corners). The frames are shiny black and the lenses are gray gradient, but what makes them stand out is that they have white side pieces, which give them an ever-so-slight retro look. You can tell everyone your mother (aunt, fairy-godmother, whatever) got them in on the Rue St.-Honore in Paris in 1971 and nobody will suspect a thing.

If you just want a classic pair of sunglasses that will look great with everything so you don't have to give it a second thought, then check out the VO2514S. You can get it in either a black frame with gray lenses or a Red Havana frame with brown lenses. Depending on the main colors in your wardrobe, one of these will work great. But at our prices, you could get both to have all the eventualities covered.

Vogue sunglasses are well thought-out accessories that - whether Anna Wintour was involved or not - have the Vogue aesthetic down perfectly. Feminine, bold, and stylish, they're ready to go to work making you look terrific and keeping harmful UV rays from your eyes all the while.